Mission & Vision

We’re a diverse group of technology and business leaders with one goal in mind: creating a democracy that works for all by winning Democratic majorities in both the Virginia House of Delegates and Senate.

Key to this is our signature RunTogether program, which emphasizes teamwork and technology. We pair local candidates with sitting U.S. Congressmen and reward them for deploying the latest technologies in their campaigns. This model has proven track record in the 2017 elections, helping Democrats flip an historic fifteen seats in the Virginia state legislature.

State Elections

November 5th, 2019

In 2019, Democrats finally have the chance to make a positive change in Virginia.  We can say goodbye to the 51-49 Republican majority in the House and the 21-19 Republican majority in the Senate.  With the GOP out of power, we can make crucial reforms that this state needs – without the fear of Republican gerrymandering.