Voting in Virginia

Virginia’s own Patrick Henry famously said , “Give me liberty or give me death”.   But two-hundred years later and Virginians aren’t exercising many of those key liberties, including voting.  And as long Virginian continue not to vote, they’ll be saddled with a General Assembly that doesn’t represent them.  It’s time to change that.

Losing by One Vote

In 2017, Shelly Simonds thought she won Virginia’s 94th District by one vote.  But when three Republican judges ruled that a previously discarded vote for her opponent, incumbent David Yancey, should be counted, Simonds found herself in a tie.  The court then had to flip a coin to decide who would win the seat.  Shelly Simonds lost.


Let’s not leave 2019 to chance.

Virginia is one of the few states that allows you to register to vote online.  Just click the link below and be ready with your ID at hand.  To learn about other ways to register, including by mail or at your local DMV, click the link below.

Virginia requires a photo ID to vote, but this doesn’t have to be a driver’s license.  You can also use any state or Federal government ID, a Veteran’s ID, or even a student card issued by a college or university in Virginia.  To find out more about what forms of ID are acceptable, click below.

Virginia’s constitution strips convicted felons of key rights, but grants the Governor discretion to restore these rights on a case-by-case basis.  Virginia’s last three governors have all  expedited this process, with McAuliffe alone restoring rights to over 13,000 people.  To request your rights to be restored, click the link below.

How to Vote in 2019

Virginia made history in 2017 by flipping a total of 15 seats in the House of Delegates, the largest swing in a state legislature in over 150 years, according to the Washington Post.  But this astounding victory could’ve been even larger if only people turned out to vote.

Virginians Registered to Vote: 64%
Registered Voters who Voted in Last State Elections: 47%
Total Virginians Who Voted in Last State Elections: 30%

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