Dr. Shashikant Gupta

Co-Founder and Chairman

Dr. Shashikant (“Shashi”) Gupta retired after a successful career as a business leader and professor of economics. Of course, Shashi’s version of retirement includes starting his days at 5 AM because he is determined to equalize power between the two parties – the foundation of a true democracy and a rational society. A committed Democrat and philanthropist, Shashi runs full-tilt into every day, providing the vision for an unprecedented initiative to meld innovative technology, business-practices, volunteer energy, and message research into a modern campaign framework that aims to reshape politics in Virginia in 2017 and nationally in 2018 and beyond.

Margaret Gupta

Co-Founder and Vice-Chair

Margaret Gupta is an operational wizard with a no nonsense, can do attitude. While some people feel overwhelmed having one job, Margaret has two. She has an extremely successful career as Chief Operating Officer at ApexCoVantage and has recently co-founded and serves as vice-chair of WinVirginia. Margaret has always focused on giving back, and that’s her goal with WinVirginia—to give power back to Democrats. Her passion for social change drives her to be a force in WinVirginia. She also serves on the Wolf Trap Foundation Board and is President of the Gupta Family Foundation.

Dmitri Melhorn

Advisory Board

Dmitri Mehlhorn is the son of a war refugee from Germany and the great-grandson of Jewish immigrants from eastern Europe and Russia. He is a California native and a proud citizen of the Commonwealth of Virginia since 2003. He is a businessman and investor who believes in the Constitution, free markets, and liberty. He is a Senior Fellow with the Progressive Policy Institute and Johns Hopkins University; an investor in data companies; and previously served as the President of Bloomberg BNA Legal and Managing Director of Gerson Lehrman Group. He has degrees from Stanford, Harvard, and Yale.

Tom Perriello

Chief Executive Officer

Fresh off a bold progressive run for governor, Tom Perriello has missed no time staying at the forefront of the fight to help Democrats sweep Virginia in 2017. As a former Congressman, diplomat, and justice entrepreneur, he has a knack for taking on challenges most deem impossible or at least very unpleasant. His recent policy work and campaigning focused on the new generation of challenges, from the impacts of monopoly and automation on the future of work to the need for more systematic approaches to addressing racial justice and reconciliation. As a former candidate, Tom was inspired by WinVirginia’s efforts to use technology and innovation to reduce the costs and increase the voter contact in campaigns. As a Virginian, he was inspired by the quality of challengers we have running in every corner of the Commonwealth that put every vote in play this year.

Dr. Alain Briancon

Chief Technical Officer

Alain jumped into WinVirginia, putting his business career on hold in order to support a cause he believes in. Alain is that rare “master of all trades” when it comes to technology. An inventor, holding more than 200 patents, entrepreneur and out-of-the box thinker, he brings vast skills to lead WinVirginia’s long-term technology initiative. Don’t let his business background fool you—he is all about bringing power back to the Democrats. Alain is always moving, always creating and is always going 100 MPH. With his drive for innovation and change, Virginia and the nation are in good hands in 2017, 2018, and beyond.