About Us

WinVirginia supports candidates who put people first. At our core is the conviction that we are all equal and deserve to shape our American dream. We believe everyone deserves respect. We believe that effective representation is the key to shaping a Virginia that serves all Virginians.

We are a group of passionate Democrats intent on taking back the Virginia State House in 2017. We are empowering candidates throughout the Commonwealth. This is the most competitive Democratic field in nearly three decades.

Every candidate who lives and breathes true progressive values can win, even in the most Republican districts. They need financial resources, of course. They need volunteers. And they need training and mentoring. WinVirginia intends to provide all of these to the candidates we endorse.

In addition we help candidates to amplify the impact of financial and other resources with state of the art software and technology from the world of the business and politics.

The Business of Politics

A political campaign should be run like a business – disciplined, efficient, results-driven and innovative. Like a business, campaigns should listen to their customers (voters), adapt to changes, and seek the best tools and processes.

We will infuse our candidates with insights from the world of business that will enable our candidates to win – regardless of the odds.

How we accomplish our goals

The progressive movement is powered by the people, propelled by the desire to create a more fair and just society – so that each person can realize their full potential.

WinVirginia harnesses this passion to help elect progressive candidates to public office.